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These are the lovely fanlistings that I have up and running and that I adore with oodles of love and cuppycakes and all that bright & shiny stuff. I currently own 25 awesome subjects, hooray! ♥

The newest one that I have created is for High School Musical Series, HSM, HSM2, & HSM3: Senior Year and you can find random love at High School Musical 3: Senior Year. :)

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Vanessa Hudgens

Title: CLOSED: Sophisticated
Category: Actresses, Musicians: Female
Members: 192 {+ 1 pending}
Opened: 04th June 2006
Updated: 05th November 2023

I adore Vanessa - like cuppycakes and stuffed animals adore. This is my first fanlisting and I'm truly blessed that it was for Vanessa. Her all-around beauty, trendsetting fashions, and adorable personality are what make her lovable and inspirational. Though she has only played up teen roles so far, she plays them with such heart and it's captivating.

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