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These are the lovely fanlistings that I have up and running and that I adore with oodles of love and cuppycakes and all that bright & shiny stuff. I currently own 25 awesome subjects, hooray! ♥

The newest one that I have created is for High School Musical Series, HSM, HSM2, & HSM3: Senior Year and you can find random love at High School Musical Series, HSM, HSM2, & HSM3: Senior Year. :)

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Harry Potter: Evans Potter, Lily and James Potter

Title: MOVED: The Brightest & the Height of Cool
Category: Relationships: Book/Movie
Members: 143 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 15th October 2009
Updated: 04th February 2018

High School Musical: Bolton, Troy & Montez, Gabriella

Title: MOVED: Like Kindergarten
Category: Relationships: Book/Movie
Members: 37 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 18th June 2006
Updated: 02nd December 2017

Troy and Gabriella are one of my favorite couples. They're undeniably adorable (and so good-looking) together. They redefined a high school social hierarchy and sang & danced their way to starring roles; all the while falling in love.

Spider-Man: Parker, Peter (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson

Title: CLOSED: The Sky's the Limit
Category: Relationships: Book/Movie
Members: 608 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 02nd June 2009
Updated: 18th November 2022

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