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These are the lovely fanlistings that I have up and running and that I adore with oodles of love and cuppycakes and all that bright & shiny stuff. I currently own 25 awesome subjects, hooray! ♥

The newest one that I have created is for High School Musical Series, HSM, HSM2, & HSM3: Senior Year and you can find random love at Mangos. :)

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Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

Title: CLOSED: Song as Old as Rhyme
Category: Albums
Members: 425 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 07th February 2010
Updated: 18th November 2022

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Fanfiction (All)

Title: CLOSED: Shukumei
Category: Anime/Manga: Fanstuff
Members: 11 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 17th May 2009
Updated: 26th August 2019

CLOSED: Brown Eyes

Title: CLOSED: Intense
Category: People Miscellany
Members: 231 {+ 1 pending}
Opened: 27th March 2009
Updated: 12th September 2022

Eyes are beautiful as they are, but I think brown is something special even though it's the most common of the colors. They are deep and powerful windows to our souls with beautiful depths that just speak volumes.

Disney Princesses

Title: CLOSED: Happily Ever After
Category: Animation
Members: 384 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 17th December 2009
Updated: 18th November 2022


Title: Fancy a Twirl?
Category: Fashion/Beauty
Members: 532 {+ 1 pending}
Opened: 24th September 2009
Updated: 26th March 2024

Efron, Zac and Vanessa Hudgens

Title: CLOSED: Forever
Category: Relationships: Real Life
Members: 20 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 14th February 2010
Updated: 18th November 2022

Friends: All Characters

Title: MOVED: The Ones Who Changed It All
Category: Characters: TV
Members: 675 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 23rd August 2009
Updated: 02nd December 2017

Grey's Anatomy: Grey, Meredith & Derek Shepherd

Title: Love in an Elevator
Category: Relationships: TV
Members: 587 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 03rd September 2009
Updated: 26th March 2024

From the first episode of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd's chemistry was electric. It was like lightning how each was drawn to the other. Their scenes are always amazingly intense - from the looks of longing to the amount of adorability. Now, post-Season 5, Meredith and Derek have come so far; they finally are on their way to forever.

Grey's Anatomy: Yang, Cristina & Preston Burke

Title: CLOSED: More than Coffee
Category: + Up for Adoption, Relationships: TV
Members: 467 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 07th June 2009
Updated: 18th November 2022

Harry Potter: Dumbledore's Army

Title: MOVED: We Are In This Together
Category: Characters: Book/Movie
Members: 319 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 19th March 2010
Updated: 02nd December 2017

Harry Potter: Evans Potter, Lily and James Potter

Title: MOVED: The Brightest & the Height of Cool
Category: Relationships: Book/Movie
Members: 143 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 15th October 2009
Updated: 04th February 2018

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Title: MOVED: The Best Part
Category: Movies
Members: 20 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 22nd February 2009
Updated: 02nd December 2017

It's an embarrassing obsession, but I am completely guilty of being swept along in the High School Musical craze. I love the characters, songs, and childlike innocence. It creates a kind of hopeful nostalga and I love it - East High is the kind of dream where everything does work out and happy endings are guaranteed. Out of the trilogy, this one is my favorite. It's a bittersweet end to what was life-changing experience for this colorful cast.

High School Musical Series, HSM, HSM2, & HSM3: Senior Year

Title: MOVED: We're All In This Together
Category: Movies
Members: 655 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 23rd October 2011
Updated: 02nd March 2019

High School Musical: Bolton, Troy & Montez, Gabriella

Title: MOVED: Like Kindergarten
Category: Relationships: Book/Movie
Members: 37 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 18th June 2006
Updated: 02nd December 2017

Troy and Gabriella are one of my favorite couples. They're undeniably adorable (and so good-looking) together. They redefined a high school social hierarchy and sang & danced their way to starring roles; all the while falling in love.


Title: CLOSED: Tropical
Category: Food/Drinks
Members: 704 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 10th March 2009
Updated: 18th November 2022

Mangoes are epic fruits. They're sweet and sour and utterly refreshing. With such a juicy quality and fresh taste, mangoes are definitely a unique fruit and I've always loved them in lots of foods - from smoothies to candy!

Meyer, Stephenie

Title: CLOSED: Dreamweaver
Category: + Up for Adoption, Authors/Writers
Members: 73 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 21st May 2009
Updated: 19th August 2020

Percy Jackson & the Olympians series (Riordan, Rick)

Title: MOVED: Destiny Calls
Category: + Up for Adoption, Literature
Members: 29 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 24th June 2009
Updated: 12th April 2018


Title: CLOSED: Ticket to Dreamland
Category: Objects
Members: 510 {+ 1 pending}
Opened: 29th June 2009
Updated: 18th November 2022

Spider-Man: Parker, Peter (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson

Title: CLOSED: The Sky's the Limit
Category: Relationships: Book/Movie
Members: 608 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 02nd June 2009
Updated: 18th November 2022

Swimming: Phelps, Michael

Title: CLOSED: Boy Wonder
Category: Sports
Members: 17 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 09th June 2009
Updated: 18th November 2022

Michael Phelps is my favorite athlete of all time. He is just an amazing person and his swimming abilities are extraordinary. He is truly a wonder to behold and a legend in his own deserved right. I am absolutely glued to the screen every time he swims and Michael is just a thrilling sight to see in the water. I love him and I expect to see him doing what he does best: breaking records.

The Lord of the Rings: Music

Title: MOVED: Journey
Category: Music Miscellany
Members: 2266 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 18th October 2009
Updated: 26th August 2019

Tsubasa Shunraiki

Title: CLOSED: Spring Thunder
Category: Anime/Manga: Movies/OVAs
Members: 8 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 11th April 2009
Updated: 01st July 2020

Vanessa Hudgens

Title: CLOSED: Sophisticated
Category: Actresses, Musicians: Female
Members: 192 {+ 1 pending}
Opened: 04th June 2006
Updated: 05th November 2023

I adore Vanessa - like cuppycakes and stuffed animals adore. This is my first fanlisting and I'm truly blessed that it was for Vanessa. Her all-around beauty, trendsetting fashions, and adorable personality are what make her lovable and inspirational. Though she has only played up teen roles so far, she plays them with such heart and it's captivating.

Winnie the Pooh: Piglet

Title: CLOSED: A Very Small Animal, With A Very Big Heart
Category: Animation
Members: 947 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 26th June 2009
Updated: 18th November 2022

Zac Efron

Title: MOVED: Off the Beaten Path
Category: Actors
Members: 368 {+ 0 pending}
Opened: 23rd September 2011
Updated: 10th December 2017

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